Can’t Get Your Kids Off Their Devices?

We have all seen it. Kids are so zoned into their devices it is harder than ever to get through to them. In the current generation these children have had some sort of mobile device from a young age. Technology is a powerful and wonderful thing and we at Bedrossian Music embrace that. However, That should be just a part of life. It is important to take a break from everything you do. We feel a huge part of that is kids just do not know what else to do.

“Since my son started piano classes, he’s been spending a lot more time off his tablet!”

– Patrick Gleavey of fernflo, which is a marketing agency for landscapers.

Mobile devices face downPut The Devices Down

What people don’t realize is over use of mobile devices causes stress and anxiety. Your body experiences tension, both mentally and physically. You are always waiting for that next message to ring through and that creates a dependancy. This effects you even when you are not using your device. Addiction to these devices is reality. These devices can change our moods quickly and even make us lose sleep. Device dependance is a scary situation and I think we have all felt it on some level.

piano keysA Great Alternative

Musical instruments are a solution to this problem. You are receiving a greater boost in your coordination skills than you would with your device and so much more. Playing a musical instrument improves your memory, team skills, perseverance and even your physical health. You are able to create in a real world social environment. So why not give music a try?

Bedrossian Music front deskHow Can We Help You?

At Bedrossian Music In Warwick, RI we off lessons, rentals, repairs, and sales of all musical instruments at a value. We pride ourselves in a family friendly safe environment. Our friendly staff is professional and knowledgeable in their area of music. With over thirty years years of experience we know exactly what instrument or program is right for you. So visit the contact page, give is a call at (401) 270-9618, or stop in today! We would love to talk about how we can get you or your family playing an instrument.

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