Rental Terms

Rental Term

Rentals are provided for a 12 month term, and we offer the option to pay for the entire year in advance at a discounted rate, or we have the option to pay your rental fee in 12 monthly installments. 


Automatic Payments:

You authorize Bedrossian Music and our payment processor to store and charge your credit card automatically until termination of your rental agreement by return of the instrument. Billing will happen automatically and your rental agreement will automatically renew when the term runs out until the instrument is returned. 


Termination of Rental Agreement at End of Rental Term

We must be notified in writing (via email) at least 30 days prior to the renewal of your rental agreement your intent  to cancel and the instrument must be returned to our store with all provided accessories before the end of your rental term. If instrument is not returned by the end of your rental agreement, it will be renewed automatically and resume billing.


Exchange Option: 

Instrument may be exchanged for any instrument of the same cost or a more expensive instrument by paying the difference for an instrument in a more expensive category + shipping fees if applicable.  Rental term will renew upon exchange of instrument.

Purchase Option

Many parents and students choose to continue to lease an instrument indefinitely versus purchasing because leasing provides a guarantee of a playable instrument, service, and repair. However, if ownership is desired, after a 3 year term of rentals, instruments are eligible for transfer. This does not happen automatically and you will need to contact our store around the time of your 3rd year and indicate you would like to own the instrument or the lease will renew automatically as usual. (This needs to be done 30 days before the termination of your rental agreement/term.)

Repair, Replacement, Maintenance Terms:

 Covers minor damage to the leased instrument, and the instrument will be repaired to playable condition at no charge. This does not apply to cosmetic issues that do not affect performance of the instrument, nor does this include chemical cleaning of brass instruments. Instruments should be wiped down and cleaned by the lessee. 

We will cover theft of the instrument if you provide a police report documenting the instrument being lost or stolen. 

This policy does not cover:

  • Willful or Deliberate Destruction of the Instrument or Provided Accessories
  • Third Party Accessories Purchased By Lessee and Added To or Used With The Instrument
  • Drum Sticks, Mouthpieces, Reeds (Typical Wear & Tear Items)
  • Shipping Costs if Applicable


Non-Payment of Rental Rental: 

After a 15 day grace period, instruments that are behind on their rental installments will be charged a $15 a week overdue fee retroactive and ongoing from the date the installment was first overdue, along with any rental installments due.

Bedrossian Music reserves the right to share information with third parties in the event of non-payment for the purposes of collection, such as a Debt Collection Agency or Agent. Such an agency may charge additional fees, and may affect your credit rating. A charge of $30.00 will be assessed for each check returned by the bank as non-payable.