Music Lessons For Everyone

Take your musical skills to the next level! Whether you’re a parent of curious children, an aspiring musician or a professional already making strides in your musical journey, our teachers are ready to help you build and refine your skills.

Our lessons are taught at our store right in Warwick, Rhode Island. Bedrossian Music has worked with 1000’s of both beginning students and top-tier professionals to build and refine their musical abilities.


Bedrossian Music Has Been Providing Music Lessons in Rhode Island For Over 4 Decades and Counting!

Even if you are exploring music for the first time as a hobby, or as a life-long learner, we can seamlessly connect you with the best music teachers in Rhode Island and beyond. In addition to offering private in-person classes, our online music classes make it possible for you to learn on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

Our team at Bedrossian Music aspires to help every child build their confidence in music and life. It’s remarkable how weekly music lessons enhance other aspects of a child’s life including math, language, and social. As your children develop their musical prowess, they’ll also learn important lessons about setting goals and achieving them.

Bringing music joy and harmony into the world our music teachers are ready to share their knowledge and passion with you. Need help finding the right teacher? Call our friendly advisors at 401-270-5379.

Lessons We Teach

At Bedrossian Music, we offer lessons in a wide range of instruments, from guitar and piano to brass and woodwinds and more.

  • Voice / Singing
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Drums

Group Music Lessons

Group music lessons can be fun and rewarding as your instructor and peers motivate you to reach higher notes in your musical journey. Group lessons are the more affordable route but also have a huge grade for fun activities and meeting new like-minded people. It’s highly recommended to take group classes to learn performance skills like playing in a group or improvising.

Inquire about group lessons via the General Inquiry form at the end of this page. Group lesson availability is subject to the available number of students we have interested.


Private Music Lessons

Each private tutoring lesson is customized to help you grow. Learn faster and easier with the help of an expert instructor giving you clear, pointed directions to better enhance your skills and speed up your growth.

Benefit from lesson plans tailored to meet your specific goals and learning style. Progress swiftly and easily under the watchful eyes of experts, who have years of knowledge and experience both on-the-stage and from the behind the scenes, all accessible just for you.

Inquire about our Private Music Lessons below. They are offered both in a single lesson or through the Bedrossian Academy.


Our Two Main Types of Lessons…

Single Lessons

Want to try a lesson or two before signing up to the Academy, or simply don’t have a fixed schedule? That is where single lessons come in! These are one-off lessons that are booked individually.

Academy Lessons

Bedrossian Academy is our lessons subscription service that provides exclusive availability and scheduling with our teachers. Students in the academy also have a much higher follow-through rate.

Single Lessons & General Inquiry Form

Have some questions? We’re happy to help. Fill out this form or give us a call at 401-270-5379. 

We also offer free teacher selection consultations that help us pair you with a teacher that best aligns with your experience level and goals.

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