Alto Saxophone Rental

From: $29.99 / month and a $30.00 sign-up fee

If you’re thinking about jazz, big band music, early rock and roll, blues, and ska then the alto saxophone is definitely for you. Vocal and powerful, the sound of an alto saxophone brings out the curiosity and passion of students and professionals alike. Alto saxophone rentals are one of our favorites, knowing their flexibility to create music across multiple genres.

Every Alto Saxophone rental comes with a Alto saxophone, Case, Cork Grease, 4 reeds, mouthpiece (complete) and neck strap.


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“I can’t believe how much we have saved renting with you this year. With a family of 4, it was probably close to a thousand. I’m glad we did our research. “

– Pam S.

“Can’t recommend Bedrossian highly enough. With my first son, we were roped into paying heavy fees for a violin with another company. As careful as we were of course it got broken and the store expected us to pay a lot to replace it. Hopefully (!) that does not happen again, but if it does I feel good knowing the instrument will be covered. And, we’re actually paying less.”

– Angel S.

“The store owner arranged to meet me with the instrument after hours to make sure she would have it in time. I am astounded with the customer service. Obviously they can’t hand deliver every instrument but they have earned my business forever.”

– Tom D.

Rental FAQ

I need my instrument in a rush. Can you help?

Absolutely. We typically will call you to arrange pickup in 2-3 business days at the very latest. 

However! We have parents all the time that have unique situations where they need it sooner and we're happy to help where we can. Place your order, and just give us a call and we'll see what we can do - we have not yet hit a situation we can't help with and we will remain open outside our typical business hours when necessary.

What coverage does the included Repair, Replacement, Maintenance cover?

Your Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance covers just about every situation you may run into when renting an instrument and ensures that you will have a playable instrument during the term of your rental. 

It does not cover things such as intentional damage, wear and tear items, and things of that nature - but just about everything else. We also cover stolen instruments if a police report is provided. 

See full rental terms for exact details.

What is the difference between renting by the year or in monthly installments?

We offer a discount when paying for the entire year in advance, but other than that these two options are identical and are both one year terms.

By breaking up your yearly rental fee in installments, it allows us to offer a lower up-front cost. 

Where can I see all instrument rental terms?

Visit our Terms and Conditions page.

How do I receive my instrument?

The store will reach out to you when pickup is available, typically 2-3 business days. If you need your instrument sooner, call ahead and we will certainly see what we can do and are extremely flexible.

In the near future, we will be offering shipping options as well.